Supporting services

Delivery and support of world-class IT solutions for companies, government agencies, educational institutions and health centers. Our portfolio of services covers the entire life cycle of information technology, from initial design to implementation and continuous administration.

All the services

Ecuative offers our systems services, which will allow you to guarantee an adequate performance in accordance with the constant changes of the new technologies. Our computer services are:

Service in the Cloud

With this service the time is reduced, to the maintenance of its technological infrastructure.

Development and Web Design

We create and design your company corporate website, online store or mobile App.

Mobile apps

We specialize in e-commerce applications, buying and selling products and services online.


We are specialists in data communications infrastructures, and we offer all the necessary services for your installation.

Audio and Video Integrations

Your conference room will have the best technology, thanks to its audio and video control from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Maintenance of Hardware and Software

For this Ecuative, has a technical team specialized in computer maintenance for companies.

Consulting and implementation services

Ecuative offers Consulting and Implementation Services for your company through specialists that provide solutions aligned to the requirements of your business. Our team of engineers, technicians and certified project managers are experts in their field with certifications that cover the best technologies of today

This process is carried out in four different stages that allow to offer a solution                         effective, complete and comprehensive:





Available services:

Management of business mobility

The management of business mobility is an approach to ensure and enable the use of smartphones, laptops and tablets within the entire staff of a company, in Ecuative we help you in all phases of the life cycle of device management mobile, from the evaluation and construction of its strategy to the implementation and support of a solution that includes the development of applications.

Application services

At Ecuative, we offer our clients consulting services, implementation and support of strategic applications to drive efficiency from the data center to the end point of the user, using a combination of software and hardware applications. Our team is trained to work with Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Symantec and JD Edwards technology.

Digital signage services

Our digital signage consultants are trained to offer customized solutions that will help you choose the hardware (screens such as LCD monitors, plasma, LED panel or projectors), the content strategy and the appropriate viewing location for your next broadcast project of digital contents that improve the presentation of your company’s information.

Data center services

Ecuative is responsible for designing, implementing and operating all the technological domains related to network infrastructure, security, computing and storage, providing solutions that support the needs of your data center.

Services in the cloud

Ecuative’s cloud services team has the experience to design, implement and manage solutions from the main manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, including HP, VMware, Cisco, Dell (Compellant & EqualLogic), EMC and NetApp.

Network services

At Ecuative we have the experience to design, implement and support your company’s networks through a team of                   certified engineers. We offer complete solutions that seamlessly integrate technologies, including networks without borders, safe mobility,                   data center, collaboration and video.


Ecuative offers outsourced and managed services to all types of companies, helping to improve their competitiveness, productivity and reducing their costs. Thanks to the trust of our clients for more than 15 years, Ecuative provides you with the highest level of experience and professional supervision of your IT operations. With services based on industry-standard ITIL practices and a unified management platform of the best tools in its class, our technical specialists will manage, supervise and support your entire IT environment, providing a single point of contact for your needs. technological

Servicios Disponibles:

Managed IT services

We offer graded service levels designed to meet your unique needs, designed to keep your systems in top condition. Our Managed Service Operations Centers have highly certified resources that take advantage of proven toolsets and ITIL processes.


Our staff services can help train the skilled technical workforce that a modern company needs. We can provide qualified candidates for your local or national projects, as well as recruit for short-term positions and long-term placements.

Break / Fix

We provide national Break / Fix support, to provide information technology services to companies, the service includes repairs, updates or installation of systems, as well as equipment ranging from desktop computers, printers, laptops, servers, storage and traditional networks to emerging technologies such as tablets and mobile devices in general.

Call Center

No matter how well designed and robust your infrastructure is, problems are inevitable. Our 24/7 customer service solutions based in the USA. UU They are designed to meet the demands of your organization.


Ecuative, eliminates the complications of IT procurement and logistics with advanced systems of electronic acquisition, storage and integration, providing customers with the tools and resources to reduce costs and track assets throughout the life cycle of the technology. We work together with leading manufacturers and technology providers which allows the rapid processing of quotes with competitive prices, including shipping and integration services provided through our different locations. Ecuative will help you optimize your technology investments through standardization, efficiencies and life cycle processes from start to finish.

Available services:


Improve your acquisition process through our acquisition tools, write us through our website and you will have access to hardware and software from leading manufacturers and publishers. You will get tangible results that range from cost savings to improved service level agreements.


Our facilities have full staff with logistics professionals who can provide your products when and where you need them with competitive prices and the guarantee of delivery that provides our long-standing experience.

Distribution facilities

We have three locations in the Americas that optimize improved delivery and implementation times for projects that require a national scope. It is used for the storage of restricted products, the implementation of products that can be extended for several months, redeployments and equipment updates.

Product update services

Ecuative can preconfigure any type of hardware before implementation in its Integration Centers. We can service your desktop computers, laptops, servers, network hardware, routers, switches, mobile devices, point-of-sale equipment, Apple systems and iOS devices, as well as provide custom kits with shrink wrap.

Service of restauration

Manage the end-of-life processes of your technology hardware and IT assets while complying with strict internal, governmental, environmental or third-party compliance standards. Ecuative will work with you to plan the practices and policies of redeployment, resale, data destruction, recycling and disposal.