Electronic security

Electronic Security Solutions to protect the assets of your company

At Equative we know the main concerns and risks that companies face.

These are the most common computer risks


Risks due to natural disasters


Protection of information or documents


Personnel control and vehicle access control


Compliance with organizational policies


Dispersed and isolated security systems with multiple alarm systems


Control and mitigation of emergencies

Within our Electronic Security solutions we have a wide variety of electronic security systems, which can be used in the protection of small, medium-sized companies, as well as large industries and corporations, focusing on the prevention of risks

Introducing our Electronic Security Solutions

IP Video Surveillance Systems

High quality video for an effective analysis of events in the monitored areas.

Storage of videos easily and totally accessible from the local network and from the internet.

It facilitates the work of the surveillance staff, allowing you to optimize your work and do more with less.

It allows indoor and outdoor video surveillance, and in different lighting conditions.

Integration with other electronic security systems.

Video Analytics

Video in real time

Recording and reproduction.

Camera management.

Centralized administration.

Mobile apps.

Asset control

Automated control of inventory, exit and entry of assets and merchandise.

Control of traceability of your assets.

Optimization and reduction of inventory costs.

Managed Storage

Share files.

Storage Solution.

Backup of data.


File server.

Data security

Virtualized storage.

Alarm Management

Alarm management service.

Monitoring of devices.

Automated reports

Reports SMS and WAP alerts.

IP monitoring without receivers.

Centralized management console.

Access control

Control of entry and exit of all personnel.

Traceability, each object has a unique identification.

Control of entry and exit of vehicles.

Office automation

Comfort in your company translates into Productivity and Resource Optimization

  • 29/7/2013 July
    Reduction of Electric Costs, through Automation of scenes of Lights

  • 29/7/2013 July
    Systems that create private spaces by just crushing a button

  • 29/7/2013 July
    Modernity in their workspaces with automatic systems for automatic screens and projectors