Cloud solutions for companies

Dynamism, mobility, saving … Digital transformation for SMEs and large companies

We are a startup of Ecuative, a division that has been created to offer dynamic solutions designed to meet the new needs of companies, in particular, improve productivity. Digital transformation is changing businesses, processes and people. That’s why in Ecuative we also change to be able to offer solutions that allow you to grow in a totally flexible way and paying only for what you use.

Communicate with us if you need Digital Solutions in:

Increase your business volume without having to worry about technology

Improve communication and personal relationships inside and outside your company

Improve long deployment processes and software updates

Adapt with flexibility the number of users and functionality you need

What are solutions in the cloud? What are the advantages of cloud computing?

In Ecuative we work to put at your disposal all the benefits that the services in the Cloud offer. To understand its multiple benefits, it is important to know the main difference between Cloud and traditional solutions, and this is that they are hosted on servers external to the company that are accessed through the Internet. It has broader functionalities than traditional ones, so there is a global tendency to develop applications in the cloud.


Easy implementation

The implementation of these solutions is simpler, it is no longer necessary to install a specific software or developed specifically for your company, but it is a standardized software that is configured according to your needs.

Cost savings

the installation of a technological infrastructure within the company is avoided, in order to access that solution, generally monthly licenses are contracted for those resources that are going to use it and nothing else, it is what is called payment for use. The large initial investments associated with development are over.


Each license is adapted to the needs of the profiles, in addition to paying only for what each one needs the access and the functionality are adapted to the users.

Updated Software

Updates are finished on your computers, with solutions in the cloud updates are made automatically in the application so that each connection always accesses the latest version of the software.

Access from anywhere

if you work in mobility these solutions guarantee you access to the tools and all the information from different devices and wherever you are, all you need is to have an internet connection.

No storage limit

The storage capacity can be increased according to the needs of your company, for example, at a certain time in which you have more activity, if the volume of business increases and it is necessary to manage a greater amount of information the capacity of your servers will not be a problem.


Your company information is secure, the cloud solutions include security protocols to guarantee the privacy of your data, they also include periodic backup services, that is, backups are made as often as you want, all the information of your company will be safe and will be recoverable in case of loss.

Specialized suppliers

With specialized providers in the configuration of these solutions, companies benefit from the knowledge and experience of the partner for the correct implementation of the software, and thus obtain maximum performance by reducing computer errors and a large part of the incidents.


All employees of the company access the same database independent of the configuration that has been designated, again, errors are avoided as the information is common to the entire organization.