Data Center

We deploy important projects in the hand of infrastructure of new generation Data Centers on which you can implement models of traditional or flexible IT delivery based on the cloud.

A high-density, consolidated, converged or virtualized data center today is a complex environment. Every decision in the data center is critical and mistakes can be costly.

Data Center

The cost of running the modern data center is at an all time high. Our goal is to make sure you take advantage of the latest available technology and maximize your investments for the best efficiency and performance.

Ecuative is responsible for designing, implementing and operating all the technological domains related to network infrastructure, security, computing and storage following the latest consolidation and virtualization trends that allow a better response to current business needs.

We collaborate with the evolution of our customers’ Data Center to one that allows them to address new delivery models for their information technology systems. This allows you to reduce costs and at the same time enables the rapid development and deployment of new solutions for your business.

For this, the different elements that are part of our designs incorporate features that allow to abstract and separate the physical infrastructure of network resources, computing, storage and security.

In addition, we help design and implement the interconnection solution for Data Centers according to the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, in order to ensure the highest availability of mission critical applications and software.

Ecuative is your solution

Ecuative can provide any combination of hardware, software, private / hybrid / public cloud computing, data center hosting, professional and managed services to provide all the solutions an organization needs to support its business objectives.





Site Selection and DC Interconnection

Remote access

DC Network Security

DC Network Management

Computing, storage network and virtualization


Space / consumption / cooling reduction





In addition to the Data Center infrastructures, we are able to deliver business productivity solutions from a private or public cloud:

IP Telephony and Unified Communications / refrigeration

Contact center


IP video solutions

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