Connectivity and Networking


We offer integral solutions tailored to each client, analyzing their needs, providing advice and proposing efficient and scalable solutions that allow you to achieve a high level of performance in your applications with the maximum benefit.

Connectivity Solutions for all your Offices

Networking and Equipment

Structured cabling

Data Transmission and Wireless Connectivity

Ecuative has successfully helped many companies to establish a work team without limits of distance as if they were in the same place, through networks to transcend the basic need to provide connectivity and use the network as a profit center. Our technical team has successfully developed solutions in companies of 10,000 simultaneous wireless users providing a personalized experience, in military schools to provide wireless connectivity to provide a quality service to students, in retail sales to improve revenue per customer, in medical care for provide more reliable care in manufacturing, aerospace, energy, finance, insurance to boost the digital experience and improve efficiency in government to improve access to information and education to improve learning.

Practical Solutions of Ecuative Networks

Ecuative designs secure, scalable and new generation networks to connect new branches to your company. Our projects are designed to meet the most important network needs in organizations of all types; even:

Central Networks

Solutions to build networks of high-performance and secure data centers, whether for                              local environments, in a cloud or in an infrastructure focused on the cloud.

Field Networks

Solutions to connect a large number of endpoints such as personal computers, laptops, points of sale, digital signs, health care devices, energy systems, etc.


While networks provide the means for organizations to communicate; Collaboration allows people to connect with each other more effectively through voice, video and messages.

Network security

Our team design a comprehensive solution to help defend against modern threats, designing security in the network, not only in endpoints, but in the entire environment.