Computer Security for your company

The speed at which hackers create new techniques is increasing, which means that companies must keep their security strategies on the agenda.

However, the complex evolution of security solutions designed to address various threats has made their position in development and security management increasingly challenging. Perimeter security has almost disappeared, as mobility, the cloud, third-party access, digital workspaces and the IoT are significantly changing the nature of the threat universe.

These are the most common computer risks that your company faces


Software that infiltrates or damages a computer without consent.

Information leakage

Uncontrolled output of information that reaches people to unauthorized.


Acquisition of confidential information fraudulently or phishing.


Remote entries not authorized through communication networks.


Unsolicited email, usually sent in bulk.

Data Violation

It is an intrusion, intentional or unintentional, into the information of a company.

We offer IT Security in all areas


Definition of policies and prevention of incidents.


Protection of sensitive data.


Coverage of all security levels.


Engineering for a secure infrastructure.

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    With Ecuative’s IT Security Solutions, all areas of security are covered.

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    • 29/7/2013 July
      Policies, risk management and compliance

    • 29/7/2013 July
      Train employees in compliance with organizational regulations

    • 29/7/2013 July
      Review and constant testing of systems in search of vulnerabilities

    • 29/7/2013 July
      Define clear access policies and “ownership” of data

    • 29/7/2013 July
      Development of secure methods to share information

    • 29/7/2013 July
      Real-time analysis to identify levels of threats and risks throughout the organization